Chia-Jyi Liu
  • Job title Distinguished Professor
  • Name Chia-Jyi Liu
  • Research expertise Materials Physics、Materials Chemistry、High temperature Superconducting Oxides、Thermoelectric Physics and Materials、Structure-property Relation
  • Email liucj@cc.ncue.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. 04-7232105#3337
Wu-Jong Ching
Lien-Hui Lance Horng 
Yen-Kuang Kuo
  • Job title Professor
  • Name Yen-Kuang Kuo
  • Research expertise Semiconductor Laser, Light-Emitting Diode, Numerical Simulation
  • Email ykuo@cc.ncue.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. 04-7232105#3341
Yu-Li Lee
  • Job title Professor
  • Name Yu-Li Lee
  • Research expertise condensed matter theory, field theory.
  • Email yllee@cc.ncue.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. 04-7232105#3323
Whei-Jen Chang
Jang Long Lin
Cen-Shawn Wu
  • Job title Professor
  • Name Cen-Shawn Wu
  • Research expertise 1.Circuit quantum electrodynamics with superconducting Josephson junction 2.Quantum optics and acoustics on chip 3.Quantum computing and “hybrid” quantum circuits
  • Email wucs@cc.ncue.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. 04-7232105#3360
Fang-Yeong Guo
Li-Ji Liu
Jin-Lin Chen
Lin Lin
Yee-Mou Kao
Shih-Yuin Lin
  • Job title Professor
  • Name Shih-Yuin Lin
  • Research expertise Quantum Information, Non-Equilibrium Quantum Field Theory, Gravitation and Cosmology
  • Email sylin@cc.ncue.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. 04-7232105#3336
Chi-Ho Cheng
Meng-Fei Cheng
  • Job title Associate Professor
  • Name Meng-Fei Cheng
  • Research expertise Physics education, STEM education, scientific modeling, scientific inquiry
  • Email mcheng2@cc.ncue.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. 04-7232105#3316
Bo-Yao Wang
Shih-Yin Lin
Jyh-Pin  Chou
  • Job title Assistant Professor
  • Name Jyh-Pin Chou
  • Research expertise First-principles calculation simulation, surface catalyst, solid defects, two dimensional materials
  • Email jpchou@cc.ncue.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. 04-7232105#3334
Chin-Ping Hu
  • Job title Assistant Professor
  • Name Chin-Ping Hu
  • Research expertise Astrophysics, High-Energy Astrophysics, Compact Objects, Time-Frequency Analysis
  • Email cphu0821@cc.ncue.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. 04-7232105#3320
Shih-Chuan Gou
Chi-Yen Huang
Yow-Jon Lin
  • Job title Professor
  • Name Yow-Jon Lin
  • Research expertise Two-dimensional materials and their device applications, Organic and inorganic solar cells, Organic and inorganic light-emitting diodes, Organic and inorganic thin-film (field-effect) transistors, Organic and inorganic Schottky diodes, Transparent conduct
  • Email yjlin@cc.ncue.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. 04-7232105#3379
Man-Fang Huang
  • Job title Associate Professor
  • Name Man-Fang Huang
  • Research expertise Light-emitting diodes, Semiconductor laser diode, Compound semiconductor epitaxy, Semiconductor material and device failure analysis Simulation of optoelectronic devices
  • Email mfhuang@cc.ncue.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. 04-7232105#3318
Fu-Li Hsiao
Yu-Wu Wang



Jiann Lin